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Fear and Desire are dangerous emotions

February 9, 2010

Do not worry, I am not going to start giving you a long rambling post about how to overcome your emotions or why I think you should adhere to the latest self-help book cult that everyone else is reading. I just watched a film that made me think about these emotions, especially after I had a serious talk about the future of our business with one of my partners.


Fear of losing what you have, of not having money, of not being popular, of being without a job, of not being accepted… I could go on and on but you get the picture. This is the same fear that paralyses us to do what we really feel we should do. But once you let go, or get into the habit of overcoming your fear, because you can never really stop feeling it, you can really start being free and enjoy life (not as in going to the beach but as in loving what you do).


This is another powerful feeling that prevents us from achieving our goals. We all want a new car, a new home or that new gadget that just came out but sometimes we prioritise these things over our real dream or that goal that we are really passionate about. “I really want to own a nice car even though I should really save to *Insert goal/dream here*”. It is up for you to decide if you want to have 5 minutes of happiness when you buy that thing you really wanted instead of investing for a lifetime of deep-down-no-matter-what-happens happiness of owning your own destiny. Like someone I knew used to say “You pay an expensive price for giving in to your weaknesses”.

I actually had a list of more mundane stuff to write about but I just felt it right to post about this…


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  1. or when you desire something and the fear don’t let you achieve it…

  2. That is the worst case scenario :)

  3. ahse permalink

    Do you think Up in the Air was actually about fears & desires? Why?
    (I think I didn’t see it that way, really… I mean, I’d say there was much more in it than just fears & desires.)

  4. I think it was more about desperation and how the main character who seems to be cool and happy ends up trapped just like the rest. It is just that it made me think about how people are trapped in a job because of their fear of not making money or their desire to buy more and bigger things.

  5. ahse permalink

    Interesting… But is it really fear of not making money that keeps some people trapped in a job they don’t like? Because I don’t know about the USA, but in other countries there are so many people who don’t have a choice! You just have to survive, & it sucks but you have to survive. Many people just struggle to survive, sometimes I wonder how on earth they can manage it!

  6. I think it is more fear of not having that monthly income that makes them stay in a job, especially if they have a mortgage and bills to pay.

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