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Can we keep up?

February 11, 2010

Google just launched their new service, Buzz. When we just thought we could barely cope with our Twitter, Facebook and Linked In feeds here comes a new service bound to overload us with even more information. In the end all we want to do is to communicate with the people we know and follow people we know and people we find interesting.

It would be great to do this through a single tool with everything integrated (if Buzz integrates Twitter, Facebook and Linked In fully then it could really become the best feed management tool around). But the question is, do we want this integrated with email or do we want to keep this separate with tools like Seesmic? Personally I found it quite annoying to get Buzz messages together with my email (I have created a filter with the word Buzz to avoid this).

Up to you to decide…


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  1. Like you I created a filter as I didn’t want the e-mail notifications, but I find the possibilities of use very interesting – I like the scalability from an almost IM like experience, through “buzzes” (?!) to pulling in your blog posts.

  2. I agree! I think if they manage to integrate all the other networks it could really be a great product. Lets hope it doesn’t end up like wave.

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